Stockport College A level Media students were given a real insight into the film and TV world after successful filmmaker Walli Ullah visited them this week.

Walli who lives in Manchester is an entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in film, TV and digital media. He spoke to AS, A2 Media Studies students and to students of hairdressing and barbering about the many career opportunities for these professions in TV and film.

Lecturer Steve Evans said: “Walli came from quite humble beginnings and started at the bottom of the industry before making his way into production and becoming a big player in raising the finances to make films and TV shows.

“He has never forgotten his roots and has always welcomed the opportunity to talk to learners about the many careers that film and TV have to offer including from directing and producing to working in catering, engineering, media makeup, editing, set-design etc. In this way he is a perfect role-model for students of all abilities and talents.”

As well as nurturing academic rigour and practical production skills, the aim of the College’s A-Level Media Studies course is to provide learners with a supportive learning environment in which they can develop personal skills, investigate employment opportunities and explore their creative abilities. Completion of the course will allow learners to explore a career in any industry that requires excellent communications and team working skills. Media Production graduates often go on to work in television and radio production, digital media production, journalism, teaching, advertising, media and PR.

At the end of the presentation the media students had the rare opportunity to question a leading light of the film industry.

Walli said: “Producing films is my passion so to be here today to share this with other passionate people makes my job worthwhile. It was a pleasure meeting and talking to the young producers and filmmakers of the future.”

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