The Community Action Party (CAP) based in Wigan, Lancashire have criticised the Labour Party for their deception in opposing welfare cuts but yet in Council’s they control, Community Action say, not only have Labour readily implemented the cuts but have made decisions in their Councils that have made these cuts worse.

The Community Action Party highlight decisions made by Labour-controlled Wigan Council as an example where the local Labour MP’s have opposed the Tory welfare cuts but yet the Labour Council in Wigan have made these cuts worse.

CAP say that Labour Council’s across the country, in Greater Manchester and in Wigan are happily implementing the cuts, making them deeper, then blaming the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government.

Labour MP for Makerfield Yvonne Fovargue (pictured) in recent local newspapers expresses concern about “The Bedroom Tax” and its impact on the vulnerable, yet, what she fails to tell you is that her husband, Labour Councillor Paul Kenny, voted to increase council rents by 5.6% at a recent Wigan Council meeting, effectively increasing “The Bedroom Tax” by the same amount.

The Community Action Party have called on Labour to confirm that those affected by “The Bedroom Tax” and unable to pay will not be evicted from their homes by their Council’s as a result because of their alleged opposition to this “punitive” tax. In Wigan, the Labour Council have refused to back the plan unlike Brighton & Hove Council controlled by the Green Party and Scottish Nationalist Council’s in Scotland, who have all confirmed those affected by “The Bedroom Tax” and unable to pay will not be evicted.

The Community Action Party also point out that Labour Council’s and their officers happily use the Tory rhetoric of “under occupancy rules” in stark contradiction to the Labour politicians themselves.

In Wigan, CAP say that Labour have implemented and passed on the full cut to Council Tax Benefit Support by the full 20%, onto those who get benefit and make no effort to absorb part or all of the cut. This is while local Labour MP’s express concern about this cut and its impact blaming the ConDem government at the same time Labour-controlled Wigan Council quote in local media by making threats to those affected by the cut with legal action if they fail to pay up.

The Community Action Party say another example of Labour saying one thing then doing another again is illustrated in Wigan where Labour made a decision to withdraw the right of appeal for those claiming “Discretionery Housing Payments” to help with “The Bedroom Tax”.

On a national level the Community Action Party have noted that Labour have not said they will reverse a single decision made by this government on the savage welfare cuts. CAP say they have not done this because they believe Labour despite their rhetoric have no intentions of reversing any of the cuts.

Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party, who is responsible for collecting tens of thousands of signatures opposing savage welfare cuts says “Labour cannot be trusted. Look at what their Council’s are doing in comparison to what their local MP’s are saying and you will find contradictions all over the place. Labour are in a muddle over welfare cuts because they are being dragged by a right-wing agenda. Their political opportunism comes before the vulnerable they purport to represent. They have not said they will reverse a single cut made by this savage ConDem government.Their silence on this speaks volumes.”

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