Salford Councillor says Busway will Cause Nothing But Chaos

Councillor Iain Lindley has branded the new 76 Million Busway, which runs from Leigh to Manchester, as a colossal waste of Public Money.

Transport for Greater Manchester have announced that a key section of the East Lancashire Road, from Walkden to Wardley and Moorside, will be reduced to just one lane eastbound for a period of 20 weeks from Monday 21st October, with work not scheduled to finish until March. These initial works are being carried out by BT, and once they are completed a further rolling programme of roadworks lasting until 2015 will be put into place along the length of the A580 from Ellenbrook into the City Centre.

Councillor Iain Lindley, Conservative Councillor for Walkden South, said:

“These roadworks will cause chaos for both commuters and local residents for over four months, with commuters stuck in jams and residential streets suffering an increase in rat-running. Worse, these works are not the end nor even the beginning of the end; the rolling roadworks will continue well into 2015, and even once completed the daft misguided busway scheme will reduce road capacity without any worthwhile increase in public transport options for residents in Walkden, Worsley and the wider area.

The misguided busway scheme has been a colossal waste of money from the start, and the money would have been better spent investing in local bus services, highways and particularly in the local rail network, including a new railway station in Little Hulton, which is completely unserved by the busway”