North West Green Party call for more action on tackling poverty in the UK and abroad.

Europe’s leaders must get back on track when it comes to eradicating poverty – in the North West and around the world.

That’s the view of North West Green Party Euro 2014 candidate Peter Cranie, speaking on the recent International Day for the Elimination of Poverty (17th October).

With global unemployment rising and an estimated 800million people going to bed hungry each night, Mr Cranie joined Green Party members at the European Parliament in calling on the United Nations to step up efforts to meet agree Millennium Development goals.

Peter says:

“The goal of halving the number of people living on less than $1.25 a day has been achieved, but we still have a long way. Right across Europe unemployment has cast a long shadow across a generation of young people.

“Here in the North West England the 2008 financial crisis is still taking a massive toll. We live in the sixth richest state in the world, yet thousands of people rely on hand-outs from charities and volunteers simply to stay alive. The emergence of food banks and the fact that the Red Cross has launched a food aid campaign shows just how much people are struggling.

“We need to see a renewed focus on tackling poverty and inequality worldwide.”

The Green Party has been at the forefront of the opposition to the savage cuts inflicted on the UK’s poorest people by the Coalition government.

Pictured – Peter Cranie Lead Candidate for the Green Party European Elections 2014 and Home Affairs Spokesperson

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