New Year Fireworks Spectacular at Piccadilly Gardens Manchester

Manchester Wheel License

Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens will play host to a fireworks bonanza and see the return of the Iconic Big Wheel.

Market Street will now be in the Shadows of the 60 Mitre High wheel who’s new home is Piccadilly Gardens. The 42 pods which soar about the landscape offer magnificent views of the city. 

No alcohol will be allowed at the free event, which will culminate in a spectacular fireworks display.

People planning to be part of the city centre celebrations will be able to catch a tram or bus home.

Nightbus services, which compliment bus operators’ own services and usually run on Friday and Saturday nights, will run until 4am while trams on all routes will run past 1am.
Metrolink will also run a later service, with trams on all routes running well past 1am. Final trams from the city centre will run as follows:

• From Victoria to Bury and Rochdale: 1.45am

• From St Peter’s Square to Altrincham and East Didsbury: 1.45am

• From Cornbrook to Eccles: 1.45am

• From Piccadilly to Ashton: 1.30am

In order to manage crowds attending the New Year’s Eve event in the city centre, and ensure the safety of passengers, the Piccadilly Gardens Metrolink stop will be closed from 11pm.

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