The festive season comes alive with big hair, dodgy fashion and the best of 80s cinema.

09 December – 22 December 2016

This is not a Christmas season. It’s an 80s season. From haircuts and clothes to music and most importantly, films, the 80s were brilliant – particularly the big Christmas films that the whole family could enjoy.

This season showcases some of the best films of that era – the films that inspired a generation, captured the hearts of children and adults and after almost 30 years, still have a watchability that today’s low-risk blockbusters just don’t have. For those who really want to get into the festive spirit, HOME’s Christmas menu is guaranteed to help visitors on their way.

See more, save money!

Feeling nostalgic for more than one of these decade classics? Take advantage of the season multi-ticket offer and save money when booking for three or four films at once.

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