Capital’s Wingman given ‘In-Zayne’ makeover at FutureSkills @MediaCityUK

Wingman becomes a bald-man for 24-hours, thanks to the media make-up department at Salford College.

The Capital Manchester breakfast show co-host was challenged, live on The Rob Ellis Show, to go bald after former One Direction star, Zayne Malik, ‘turned heads’ with his new shaved ‘do earlier this month.

Teachers Miki and Becky were enlisted to carry out the ‘in-Zayne’ makeover as the radio presenter, who is often made to carry out outlandish tasks for the show, refused to actually shave of his hair.

That is when media make-up teacher Miki ‘texted-in’ offering her services.

Wingman was given his prosthetic bald head at the college’s professional make-up studio at MediaCityUK, which is where the pair worked their magic to create the life-like bald look. He had to remain bald for 24-hours and was set tasks including visiting his grandma to surprise her with his new look and trying to fool colleagues at work into thinking he was his own dad.

Sam Davies, Breakfast Show Producer said: “It was an exciting day for everyone involved.

“Wingman is a bit paranoid about going bald because all the men in his family are and this week Zayne Malik shaved off all of his hair and it looked great, so we decided to do this to Wingman.

“We never really need a good reason to do anything. Our only reason is that it’s ridiculous – which this is.”

In total the masterpiece took around 3 hours to complete and involved custom-making the cap, gluing it to Wingman’s head and then airbrushing it to produce the skin effect.

The makeover, as well as the reaction of family and friends was recorded for the Capital Manchester Breakfast Show, The Rob Ellis Show, and posted on their website. During the show Wingman applauded both the talents of the staff, and the facilities at Salford College’s FutureSkills Centre.

When asked how he felt about his bald look Wingman replied: “I feel really good, like a different man, a bald man. Just look at it, its pure talent, amazing.”

Wingman couldn’t praise the media make-up staff enough and thanked them for ‘Zayne-ing him up’.

Becky Cusack, Media Make-Up Teacher from the college, who worked on the bald look said: “Working with Capital Radio Manchester was an amazing experience! Especially as teaching media make-up isn’t just about what we teach our students, it’s also about creating different networks and contacts and bringing them into the college.

“Our students are already so excited with the prospect of working alongside Capital Radio Manchester in the future.”

You can find the full video on our social media channels @salfordcc

Media make-up is available as an advanced or intermediate vocational qualification and teaches students how to do everything from period make-up, to special make-up effects like aging and gore as well as facial hair and prosthetics, body painting and air brushing. If you think media make-up could be for you, contact admissions on 0161 631 5000.