Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework proposals ‘need to be reworked’

Responding to the consultation on the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) Debbie Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, has said she shares the concerns of many constituents and that she does not support the current proposals.

Commenting on the content of her response to the consultation, Debbie said: “As it stands, I don’t support the draft GMSF proposals and, in particular, I don’t support the proposals affecting Oldham and my constituents.

“In short, the draft GMSF proposals need to be reworked.

“Many constituents have been in touch with me expressing their deep concerns about the draft version of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and I share many of these concerns.

“The vision for development in Greater Manchester, including Oldham borough, needs to be more ambitious, underpinned by the principles that no part of Greater Manchester is left behind, everyone can fulfil their potential and have a home for every stage of their life.

“But to do this we need development for high skilled jobs for the future and a diverse, affordable mix of housing and this is not reflected in the current draft GMSF.

“The assumptions on population growth driving demand for housing and jobs in the future, need to be revisited.

“The Brownfield (BF) site register needs to be updated and the current BF supply has not been adequately factored in to the draft GMSF proposals.

“The presumption for green belt development needs to change to reflect current planning guidance, that is, it should only be used in ‘very exceptional circumstances’.

“More needs to be done by the GMCA to remove obstacles for developers to commit to BF and town centre regeneration and development, including decontaminating land.

“There needs to be more joined up thinking between different parts of the public sector, for example, planning and transport, planning and education, planning and health.

“At the heart of a future GMSF must be the people we serve.

“These new proposals should fully and meaningfully engage with local people, including all elected representatives.”