Manchester students to hear powerful stories of young campaigners living with HIV

There is nothing more powerful than hearing the life experiences of people affected by HIV & AIDS to motivate you to take action. That’s why next Tuesday,  students from Manchester University will have the chance to hear the inspiring stories of young people living with HIV.

The powerful event is part of a nationwide speaker tour organised by Youth Stop AIDS – a month long journey around the UK, where stories of triumph over adversity inspire people to take action on the global HIV & AIDS epidemic.

The  local Manchester Youth Stop AIDS society is one of nine lucky hosts for this year’s tour, which attracted over 700 people last year. The speakers visiting Manchester include:

  • Krishen Samuel (South Africa): Fashion blogger championing LGBTI rights
  • Jimmy Isaacs (UK): Former Ray Ban employee faced reduced pay because he was HIV positive
  • Becky Kroger, (South Africa): Left in hospital as a baby, because she wasn’t expected to live

Event details

Venue: Manchester University Campus, Oxford Road,

Time: 6.00pm on Wednesday 15th February

Young campaigners will also be hitting the streets of Manchester with a giant postcard for people to sign in support of its campaign to promote the global fight against HIV & AIDS, called It Ain’t Over. The postcard will be sent to the Secretary of State for International Development, Priti Patel.

Chris Fox, Manchester Youth Stop AIDS, said:

“We’re looking forward to the Speaker Tour coming to Manchester so that we can show other students that although AIDS is not often in the news these days, there are still serious hurdles that come with living with AIDS, be it stigma in this country or actual price of medicine for those in the developing world.”

“As we’re a relatively small student society, it will be really great to see Youth Stop AIDS in action as a large national organisation.”

James Cole, Youth Stop AIDS National Coordinator, said:

“We can beat AIDS, but It Ain’t Over. AIDS is now the second largest killer of young people in the world – in 2000 it wasn’t even in the top ten. We hope that hearing about the experiences of young people living with HIV directly at tours like this, will inspire more people to join our fight. Sign our petition!’”