Minister reassures Trafford residents as new plans come in to tackle rogue landlords

Housing Minister Heather Wheeler has reassured Trafford residents that the government is committed to tackle rogue landlords as those who rent out substandard properties face being forced out of the sector.

Landlords convicted of a range of housing, immigration and other criminal offences such as leasing overcrowded properties, fire and gas safety offences and unlawful eviction, will be put on a new national database, so councils can share information between themselves and keep a closer eye on those with a poor track record.

Heather, the Minister for Housing and Homelessness said: “We want people renting in Trafford to be in safe and good quality properties.

“Today’s announcement will take action on the small minority of landlords that are renting out unsafe and substandard accommodation.


“Only the Conservatives are giving powers to local councils to make sure everyone has a safe and decent place to live.”
The database will be available to use by councils to crackdown on poor and unfair practice in the private rented sector such as overcrowded, squalid or dangerous accommodation, and to help target their enforcement action.

Landlords convicted of offences under the government’s new law may also be given banning orders preventing them from leasing accommodation for a period of time, ranging from 12 months to life. Councils must record details of any landlord or property agent who has received a banning order on the database. Landlords that ignore a banning order will face criminal sanctions including up to 6 months imprisonment and an unlimited fine.

Conservative Brooklands Cllr David Hopps, Executive Member for Housing and Strategic Planning on Trafford Council welcomed the news.

He said: “These proposals are very much welcomed, particularly in Metropolitan areas like Trafford, where there is a sizable private rented sector.

“As the rental market continues to increase it is important that tenants are not only protected from rogue landlords, but that stronger rules exist against the worst excesses of bad letting and managing agents. This why I welcome the package of measures announced by the Government that will ensure everyone has decent place to call their home”