Names from around the world come together against violence towards women and girls

The list includes Billie Piper, Benedict Cumberbatch and even a councillor from Manchester

The United Nations has launched a powerful new campaign to end violence against women and girls.

One in four women in the UK, and up to 70% in some parts of the world, have experienced sexual or physical violence, and in recent months we have seen global outrage at the scale of this issue.

But now, names from around the world have come together to show that violence is not inevitable, in a new campaign called #drawaline. The impressive list includes Olivier Award winner Billie Piper, Sherlock legend Benedict Cumberbatch and Good Morning Britain favourite Kate Garraway.

The group works to change the lives of survivors and preventing future violence all over the world. They campaign at the highest level, alongside governments to implement laws that will protect women, but also locally, in villages, towns and cities, to change behaviour and empower people of all genders to take a stand.


Among those taking part is even one of Manchester’s very own councillors. Pledging his support, equal rights campaigner John Leech, said: “Women and girl’s rights are still unfinished business and until that changes, it’s everyone’s issue, so I urge you to join this campaign right now.”

Billie Piper unveiled the full video on Twitter along with a chilling statistic that two women die from violence every week in the UK.



The campaign runs from 25th November until 10th December as part of the UN Women’s global initiative to ‘Orange the World’.
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