Salford Elects: Langworthy by-election results

Wilson Nkurunziza, the Labour party candidate, has been declared the winner in the 2017 Langworthy by-election.

The turnout for the election, held Thursday 14 December, was 11.76 per cent with 1041 votes cast.

The votes were cast as follows:

Michael Felse, Independent 55

James Mount, Conservative Party 183

Wilson Nkurunziza, Labour Party 601

Jake Overend, Liberal Democrats 125


Ian Pattinson, Green Party 72

Five ballot papers were rejected.

The by-election was called to find a replacement for Councillor Paul Longshaw who passed away earlier this year.

The political makeup of the council remains:

Labour 50

Conservative 9

Liberal Democrats 0

Independent 1


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