Conservative Mayoral Candidate Sean Anstee has promised a robust response to the Spice crisis in the City of Manchester.

This comes after a call for intervention by the Home Secretary from Manchester Central Member, Lucy Powell.

Anstee has promised to deal with the issue in-house by way of a multi-agency approach.

Sean Anstee said:”I have spoken with the Interim Mayor and Police & Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester Tony Lloyd and urged him to lead multi-agency action to tackle this crisis.”

“Nobody should have to sleep rough on our streets, cold and scared at night; it is beyond distressing to see and is made considerably worse by a seemingly rampant increase in the use of Spice that needs to be gripped and dealt with decisively, so that we can support the most vulnerable members of our community here.”

“People need our help, care and support to rebuild shattered lives and the rich tapestry and history of our city region shows our strength in how we support each other. We don’t pass idly by when our fellow citizens need our help.”

“As Mayor, I will immediately bring together charities, local government, health and social care providers, policing and businesses to properly tackle homelessness and rough sleeping here by offering a warm place to stay, access to education and employment and ongoing health and wellbeing support in a way that deals with this crisis once and for all.”