1400 Campaign Launches At Lords And Politicalite Suspended By Google

An anti-grooming campaign has been launched at the House of Lords with the goal of operating the first national hotline for victims. 

Launched on the 17th December, the campaign’s goal is to setup a national hotline to support victims of grooming gangs and child sexual exploitation. 

The event was chaired by Janice Atkinson, an independent MEP for the South East, who was formally a member of UKIP before expulsion from the Party. 

The campaign was launched by Elizabeth Harper, a survivor of the Rotherham Grooming scandal, and author Shazia Hobbs. 

The event was hosted at the Lords by UKIP Peer 
Lord Pearson of Rannoch, and saw family members and victims of grooming speak about their experiences. 

Also in attendance was former candidate for the leadership of UKIP, and current leader of ‘For Britain’ Party, Anne Marie Waters. 

Press attending the event included Jordan James of Politicalite.com, Unity News Network, and commentator David Vance of Alt News. It’s understood the BBC and Channel 4 were extended and invite but failed to attend. 

Politicalite suspended by Google 

Whilst researching this article, I noticed that one of the websites who attended the 1400 campaign has had their Adsense account with Google Suspended. 


Looking at a screen grab included in the post, it appears the ban relates to a piece titled “French Revolution Le Pen demands Macron come out of his Palace”. 

It’s unclear what the content of the article said, but the email from google read, “..after thoroughly reviewing Politicalite (.com) and taking your feedback into consideration, we are unable to enable you ad servicing again at this time, as your site appears to still be in violation. 

Washington based Politico.com reported earlier this week that “a new breed of hyper-partisan news sites has the government worried”. 

The piece goes on to say “according to one U.K. government official involved in the briefings, the sites include publishers of viral content like LadBible and Joe.co.uk, as well as political sites like the Canary on the left and Westmonster on the right.”

“Increasingly, they also include a new breed of hyper-partisan news sites associated with the populist right. Some, like PoliticalUK.co.uk and Politicalite.com, have seemingly surged from nowhere in recent months to occupy a dominant position in online conversations.”

“This is a really big problem,” said Damian Collins, a Conservative MP, who has been investigating the growing influence of fake news, disinformation and social media on British democracy. “Social media is used as a cheap and effective way of influencing people by feeding them a hyper-partisan diet. These are the tactics the Russians have been deploying for some time now. We have to fight back.”

Right-wing extremism is a “growing threat” in the U.K.,” Home Secretary Sajid Javid told POLITICO. “The far right will go to any length to spread hate, exploit grievances, distort the truth and undermine the values that hold us together.”

 The founder and Editor Jordan James said : “I set up this outlet from my bedroom in April 2017, to give a voice to people like you.

“On April 9th 2017 we had 10 readers, now we get over 500,000 a month but we live in a country where if you have the wrong political views, right-wing ideas, and too many eyes of people, the government will destroy your business so you can’t make any income.”

“It won’t work, we are here to stay even though we have no big financial backers, we are a working-class site that will keep on going, but we need your help.”


Source Politicalite The Rebel