31% of Motorcycle Accidents Are Due to Involvement with Another Motorised Vehicle

A new survey carried out by Devitt Insurance, has revealed 31% of motorcycle accidents are due to involvement with other vehicles. 

Motorbikes are renowned for being more dangerous than cars on the roads. However, the majority of accidents are often dismissed as being the rider’s fault for driving too fast. This new study highlights the dangers motorcycle users face in terms of other road users.

Here, we’ll look at what the recent study revealed and the importance of protection when you’re a motorcycle rider.

Understanding the results

The study revealed some interesting facts about motorcycle safety on the roads. Firstly, when asked how they viewed safety today, the majority (64.52%) believe that the roads have become more hazardous for bikers. A staggering 84.55% of respondents also admitted having been in a near miss on their bike. 

When looking at the type of accidents experienced, 31.40% reported an involvement with another vehicle. Pedestrians accounted for just 2.02% of accidents, while cyclists made up 0.63%. Hazards on the road accounted for 16.64% and accidents caused by the weather made up 10.76%. 

How many fatal and non-fatal accidents occur?


The Brake charity has revealed that those on motorcycles are 63 times more likely to be killed than those in a car. It is estimated that a motorcyclist is killed, or at least seriously injured, every hour in the UK. In 2018, areas such as Greater Manchester saw an increase in road accidents, although the majority of these were non-fatal.

Interestingly, most motorcycle users are at risk on rural roads where the majority of fatalities occur. This could be down to riding too fast around bends where oncoming traffic cannot be seen, alongside other road users not anticipating motorcycles as they come around corners. 

It is reported that 4 in 10 roadside deaths involve motorcycle riders. Two thirds of these occur on rural roads. This is interesting when you compare the results of the survey which show bikers feel more vulnerable on urban roads. 

The importance of insurance

When you’re a biker, particularly around the rural streets of Manchester, insuring your motorcycle is extremely important. Not only is it a legal requirement, but it will provide you with protection in case of non-fatal accidents. 

In 2016, figures showed that a total of 19,297 motorcyclists were involved in an accident. There were 319 deaths and 5,553 bikers seriously injured. The majority had non-serious injuries.

Overall, this new study reveals there is still a lot of work to be done to improve motorcycle safety. It also highlights the need for bikers to take out appropriate insurance.