5 Interior Design Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You Are Making

Interior design mistakes are very common, and they can be easily detected by a person with the right taste. For example, having decoration and furniture of the same size or too big or too small seems wrong in the eyes of most designers. Same way, if you have lower chairs and high dining table, your house design is messy. Measurement of your room is important to put things that are of the size. Here are more interior design mistakes you should avoid or remedy.

1. Your Floors Are Not On Point

This is a huge mistake most people make. They tend to opt for cheaper quality of flooring and are left with not-so-impressive floors in the end. When designing your house, make sure you are investing in wooden flooring. Most of the old houses in Manchester still have wooden flooring up to this date. Wooden floors look so much better and they look effortless with their classic appeal. Wooden flooring may be expensive, but they pull your entire room together and make it look more luxurious and classic at the same time. They definitely add character and value to the house which is why houses with wooden flooring in Manchester sells higher and faster compared to those otherwise.

2. Too Much Furniture

This is also a big mistake, which is surprisingly made by a lot of people. Filling every bit of your room with furniture is not a good idea. Not only does it look cluttered and messy, but it also reflects your lack of knowledge of interior design. This I very unappealing. So, remember that less is more. Fill your room with only the essential furniture and leave the rest of it bare. You will see for yourself that how much cleaner and spacious your room will look. 

3. Improper rugs


Rugs are tricky to design and if you decide to put in a rug that doesn’t fit the size you want, is a disaster in disguise. A misfit rug will have sags and bulges in them and they won’t fit properly around your desired perimeter. So, make sure that you are choosing the proper rug size for your room. The pattern also makes a lot of difference. Make sure you are not choosing any vibrant or loud prints or colors, which will clash with the rest of the décor. Choosing the rug makes all the difference and it is the “make or break” for your room.

4. Dark Furniture in Small Rooms

This is also a big interior design mistake. Small rooms need light colored furniture to fake an illusion of a bigger space. Adding dark colored furniture and artwork in small spaces will close off the light and make the room look a lot more small and cluttered. So, it is advised that you opt for light and muted furniture in small rooms.

5. Wrong Artwork Placement

This mistake has a lot to do with the general layout of your room. When you hang any piece of art, make sure that you are not hanging it too high up, or else people won’t be able to see it. High risen art pieces always look unprofessional and amateur. Another mistake that involves walls and hanging art is hanging all your artwork at the same height. There is something off-putting about perfectly aligned artwork on the walls. The trick here is to be sporadic and place artwork at different heights and not too high.

These tips will serve as a guide for you and you won’t find yourself making silly mistakes while designing your home.