5 Things to Do If You Think Your Partner Is Cheating

Do you have a sinking feeling that you’re being lied to by your partner? The feeling you get is a mixture of dread, sadness, and anger all at once. Unfortunately, with the advent of social media, cheating is so much more common these days.

If your partner has been offish to you for a while now, perhaps there is a darker reason for it. Here are five things that you should do if you think your partner is cheating on you:

1. Make a List of Reasons Why

Human beings are innately flawed. We tend to read into or overthink things until it drives us crazy. If you’ve been suspecting your partner of cheating for some time now, you need to make a list of all the reasons why you think that.

It could be that your partner is just going through something, but it could also mean that they’re stepping out on you – the only way to know if you’re being rational or not is to make a list.

2. Talk to a Friend

Once you’ve put your list of reasons together, check off the ones that seem the most irrational. Just because your partner didn’t finish the dinner you made does not mean that they’re cheating on you.

Take your list to a trusted friend or confidante and go through the reasons together. An objective point of view will help you to spot the actual red flags and decide if it is worth getting a divorce.


3. Hire a Private Investigator

Understandably, we all have jobs and lives that we need to attend to, so it is not always possible to spend every waking moment trying to figure out what is going on – if anything is going on.

That is where the professionals come in; hire a private investigator to figure this all out for you. Your partner won’t suspect a thing, and you’ll finally get the truth that you deserve.

4. Confront Your Partner

You need to be prepared for the worst when the private investigator calls to give you feedback on your partner. There is a chance that it was all in your head, and their actions are innocent, but there is also a chance that you were right.

If your partner is having an affair, then you need to prepare to confront them about it. Make a list of everything you want to ask or discuss with them; it will be the last chance to get some closure on the matter.

5. Forgive or Forget

If your worst fears are true, don’t spiral – it is not the end of the world. It may crush you now but you will survive, thousands of jilted lovers have before. You now need to decide if you want to forgive them or forget them.

People do make mistakes and some of them do deserve to be forgiven, but only if you think you can work things out and they can regain your trust. If not, then you need to let them go, you deserve better anyway.


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