5 Ways To Improve Male Sexual Performance

Being intimate with your partner is an important aspect of any relationship, but if you feel like the fireworks that used to fizz in the bedroom have been extinguished, or there are performance issues which are leaving you unsatisfied, there are a few things you can do about it.

Have a conversation

It might seem like an obvious solution, but if there is something going wrong when you attempt some canoodling, the most effective way to deal with this is to not leave the problem as the elephant in the room and actually talk about it with one another.

Whatever the issue might be, if you love and trust your partner then speaking with them about it in an open, understanding manner will be the first step to overcoming it.

Get medical advice

While it is not especially glamorous, getting your partner to visit a GP if they are having trouble performing in the bedroom can be a great idea.

A doctor will be able to pinpoint any underlying medical condition that might be at the root of sub-par performance, while also being able to recommend treatment options for this common condition. If an expert suggests taking a medicine like Viagra, the good news is that you can now get this without a prescription from sites like UK-based Manual.

Break the routine


If sex starts to feel like something you are only indulging in because you both feel obligated to do it at a certain time, rather than because you are both hungry for one another, performance can suffer on both sides.

Reigniting passions in your partner can be achieved if you smash this cycle, stop falling into the same old habits and simply mix things up. That might mean having sex in a different room of the house, telling each other about erotic fantasies you have, or simply doing some other activity with your partner and focusing your attentions on one another rather than on the other aspects of modern life.

Ditch the cigs & eat healthily

Smokers and people with poor diets are more likely to suffer sexual performance issues. Research has shown a particularly strong link between cigarettes and the physiological causes of erectile dysfunction, so make sure your partner knows that this is a side effect if this is relevant.

Cutting down on saturated fats, eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising can all go towards minimising ED and making men more adept in between the sheets.

Limit stress

Feelings of stress and anxiety, whether generated by outside influences or related to the act of having sex itself, can stop men performing as they would want to when the time comes.

If it is within your power, try to make sure that your partner is as relaxed as possible before any kind of bedroom encounter. Stress from work or other life events can play on the mind, so also be willing to take things slow and be empathetic to ensure you can both achieve satisfaction.