6 Ways You Can Make Your House Windows Secure

Home is where you feel completely safe and when it comes to the safety of your house, you should never compromise on it no matter what. There could be different types of threats for your house such as; weather and intruders. The only way into your house for both of these could be either door or windows.

If we talk specifically about windows, every house has several windows which are extremely necessary to let the natural air and light enter your house. As far as the safety and security of the windows is concerned, there are various ways to make your house windows secure. The best way is to get replacement windows if there are any of them are cracked or broken. Let’s know more ways to make your windows secure.

1. Window Locks 

No window in your house should be installed without having a lock on it. The easiest way to secure your house windows is to get tough locks which aren’t easy to open with tricks when closed. Different types of window locks are; 

  1. Hinged wedge locks: These locks are particularly designed for double-hung windows (which you can open from top and bottom both. This lock prevents the window from being opened fully. When you close this lock, the window will be opened partially through which nothing and no one can enter.
  2. Keyed locks: To open and close this lock, you would require a key. Just make sure you don’t lose the keys for these locks. 
  3. Pin locks: You won’t be able to lift the windows even the slightest when these locked are closed. 
  4. Sash locks: These are also used for double-hung windows and keep the shut window in its place when locked. 

2. Window Sensors 

This could be the best way to get to know when a window or door of your house is opened. You can get a home security system in which sensors are installed on doors and windows. So, whenever any window or a door will be opened, an alarm will start ringing to alert you. It can complement your double glazed windows, and in many cases, it doesn’t add too much to your double glazing cost.

3. Window Cameras 


To monitor the activities outside your house and keep a look at the windows, consider installing security cameras through which you can track who is walking past your house, who is looking suspicious, etc. There are security cameras which allow you to watch through it on your smartphones. 

4. Window Bars or Grills 

It is one of the most highly effective ways to secure your house windows. Get window bars or grills installed to the size of windows. This is also a pretty cheap way to secure your house windows. 

5. Tempered Glass 

These are much stronger glass that prevent your windows from extreme weather and are tremendously hard to break. If you’re looking for window glass replacement, you should get tempered glass installed as there is no need to worry about the safety of your house after that. 

6. Plexiglass or Polycarbonate Windows 

Almost ten times stronger than regular glass, plexiglass is a great choice to secure your windows. However, polycarbonate windows have stepped up even higher in the strength game and are even stronger than plexiglass windows. But, remember that these windows are highly expensive than any other type of windows.