7 Stories is returning to LEAF on Portland St after success of June event

Organisers Buffalo 7 a presentation design agency, have decided to make the storytelling event a regular occurrence as a result of the feedback they received after the first event.

Lyndon Nicholson, CEO, Buffalo 7 said: “The event is based on the principle that as human beings we love stories. Wrap any message you like in an engaging story and people will remember you, the story you told and the point behind it.

“It’s something we focus on very heavily in our work at Buffalo 7 and it’s why we’ve created an event called 7 Stories.

“7 Stories is an evening of 7 everyday people telling their story. It’s not a sales pitch or a presentation. It’s simply people from all walks of life standing up and telling a room full of people a story for 15 minutes.

“The feedback from the first 7 Stories was so positive we decided to make it a regular event.”

Come and join an evening of stimulating tales on Thursday 30th August, at LEAF on Portland Street.

The exclusive event will feature seven inspirational tales from everyday people of Manchester.

Rob Cowen will headline the evening. Rob Cowen is an acclaimed journalist, author of the book Common Ground and a director of UNTOLD, a multi-award winning storytelling and content marketing agency based in Leeds.

His bestseller Common Ground (2015) broke the mould of ‘nature writing’ and was shortlisted for the Portico Literary Prize, Richard Jefferies Society Prize and the 2016 Wainwright Prize, as well as being selected as a ‘Book of the Year’ in The Times, Independent, Sunday Express and featuring in the Guardian’s Top Ten Readers’ Choice.


In 2018, it was voted 3rd in a BBC poll to find Britain’s favourite nature book of all time. Rob is going to discuss the circumstances around the writing of his book and how losing his sense of belonging and his job led him to explore a new world.

After attending the first 7 Stories Aleks Certa of The Social Way put herself forward to speak. She will be talking about her rollercoaster journey over the past 3 years from becoming a mum and then a carer to her daughter to leaving her job and starting her own business.

Gemma McCall from Trust will be sharing her story of struggling to return to agency life after maternity leave, to owning her own agency and then another business and juggling the demands of running those with the demands of being a Mum of two, a wife, and having a life.

Alex Epstein also attended the first 7 Stories and then stayed in contact with Buffalo 7. Alex starred in Series 6 of The Apprentice and is now Chief Marketing Officer of BigChange. Alex shares anecdotes and funny stories from ten years of ‘business as unusual’.

David Jackson the HR Director for Manchester Metropolitan University will be telling a story about his grandmother as an orphan in a workhouse in her early life and developing Alzheimer’s in her later life. He goes on to talk about the fact that what matters to people is their perception of the world – not other people’s.

Madeline Penfold is a yoga teacher and founder of The Erenjang Project, a charity formed to raise funds to renovate the Erenjang nursery school in the village of Kotu in Gambia. She will be talking about how a trip to Africa changed her life, how she lived on £1 a day for a month and formed The Erenjang Project.

Angga Kara is an executive inner-fire coach, TEDx speaker, social entrepreneur and creative consultant. He will be talking about what he calls his ‘quarter life crisis’. A crisis that’s flipped his world upside and down lead him to a career helping high performers to achieve their greatest level of success and prevent burnouts.

All the speakers will share stories of success. Of hope. Of triumph through adversity. Stories of real local characters and their extraordinary lives. Stories that give Manchester its strength.

Tickets for 7 Stories are free and you can reserve yours now.


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