A nation of flower lovers; Manchester’s most popular flower colour choices revealed

As a nation we love our flowers; for our homes, gardens, balconies, that special person. Wherever we choose to present them, picking the right arrangement is a decision not taken lightly. When it comes to flower sending it’s most certainly the thought that counts, but does our budget, gender or location influence flower colour choices and communicate more about our personality than we may think?

MAY 2019, UK: A recent study by Serenata Flowers, one of the UK’s leading online florists has uncovered the most popular flower colour choices and meanings for both male and female flower senders by budget in Manchester.

The flower fingerprints revealed that in Manchester flower colour choice differs greatly between low and high spenders. Flower senders who spend £50 or more on their bouquets tend to choose whites and creams. Throughout history these elegant hues have been associated with purity and innocence communicate messages of humility and grace. High spenders opt for just two other colours, pink and red. These romantic flowers represent feelings of admiration, desire and respect. Yellow is the most popular colour choice for low spend flower senders, a radiant colour which represents joyous occasions and happiness.

Overall when we compare the two flower fingerprints across the two budgets it seems high spenders tend to pick a more neutral colour palette, whilst low spend flower senders choose a wide array of colours for their bouquets.

The most popular colour choice for male flower senders in Manchester is yellow, but interestingly mancunian men choose red, whilst women generally skip this colour. Are men choosing this colour palette to express romance through flower giving? Flower sending for occasions is a popular option across the UK with flowers for anniversaries ranking fifth place and love coming sixth out of eighteen. Female flower senders pick similar colours with the exception of orange, a prominent colour which communicates excitement and energy.  

Further findings revealed that for female flower senders both orange and yellow are popular choices. These vibrant selection of colours are certified to be noticed, communicating distinct messages to it’s receiver of respect, courage and desire. Could it be that women are choosing to send flowers as a token of appreciation and celebration of people they admire.

In the UK it comes as little surprise that for the most romantic day of the year reds and pinks are chosen by both spenders, but surprisingly it is not the only colour palette of choice. Low spenders pick joyful yellow along with creams and violet, a modern approach to sharing their love on Valentines Day, opting for a bouquet which celebrates happiness, admiration and grace.

Typically bouquets under £20 tend to be a literal reflection of the food, feelings and mood of Christmas. The warming tones of oranges and deep reds reminds us of dinner by the fire and fresh clementines, these colours make up for 50% of the bouquet. When over £50 is spent, the colour of the bouquet drastically changes. Light-toned colours take preference, with whites and creams making up the majority of the bouquet.

So what do the flower fingerprints of the nation look like? Overall, these findings show a UK wide pattern which is consistent whether by gender and occasion. It seems that high spenders tend to opt for more neutral, understated and traditional bouquets, whilst low spenders tend to go for brighter and bolder colour choices.

Find out the meanings behind flower colours with the new Flower Fingerprints by Serenata Flowers.