Activities in Manchester to Keep Sports Fans Busy

Aside from planning and mapping out their travel itinerary, accommodation during their stay, historic sports stadiums, venues, and sports bars they wish to see and experience, sports fans visiting Manchester may also, after visiting all the excellent eateries and watering holes, wish to prevent those extra few kilograms from settling around the waist again by keeping active. The great question is, what does Manchester offer for the visiting active sports fan? The answer, loads!

If you’re from the continent you may wish to try something new, then ensure you set aside some time to pay a visit to the Base MCR, open for socialising during both days and nights, it offers an exciting new opportunity for you to experience Baseball, one of the most popular summer sporting activities in the US. At the Base, coaches assist visitors by setting up with gear and in the shortest time possible guide you to start swinging a baseball bat like a pro. Visitors have a choice to compete as part of a group or just keep swinging the bat at their leisure, which in itself is an immensely satisfying experience when you smash the ball at full tilt, especially if you still need to get rid of some pent-up work frustration. Great music adds to the lively atmosphere while you enjoy a variety of all-American Snacks and drinks.

Breakaway from the usual tourist route and follow the adage “While in Rome” and if you’ve never done it before you simply must try one of the most popular local pastimes “online sports betting”. Who knows if you’re lucky or experienced, you may even walk away with a tidy profit, and Silentbet is one of the best places to start your online betting adventure. Offering tons of reviews, expert advice, and accurate tips it will offer you a quick guide to getting your first bet placed successfully.


Enjoy the extremely social aspect of British pubs, then hang out at Flight Club for a night of fun and extreme socialising, since the pub became the newest home of Social Darts. Remodelling traditional darts by supercharging it via fast, exciting multiplayer type games and cater to groups from 3 to 300 which creates a social experience unlike any other. Adding to Manchester’s vibrant social scene, the club’s decor is a spectacular combination of the heritage of the English     pub, fairground, and darts offering a unique twist on each.

For those preferring the greens and fairways of a top-notch golf course, Knutsford’s The Mere Golf Resort and Spa becomes a perfect new destination, whether for business or leisure it offers a world-class spa and golf course. Located in the heart of Cheshire’s verdant green countryside it offers visitors some much-needed time for relaxation at its luxury spa featuring a selection of exquisite treatments, an indoor pool, thermal pool, and hydrotherapy pool for the ultimate reinvigorating experience. In addition, The Mere features a high-end gym, with the leisure club offering three bars and restaurants for guests to dine.