5 reasons why a newsletter is a must-have for your business

Talk to many businesses today and the prospect of newsletters is likely to be looked down upon.  The tactic, whereby a regular email is sent out to prospective customers with features, offers and other content, is surely more at home last decade (or the decade before), and no longer has a place in the marketing mix of the 2020s? Simply put, these naysayers are wrong. 

There are some 4.1 billion email users worldwide in 2021, according to Statista figures, a number projected to grow by nearly 500 million by 2025. But alongside there being such a massive audience available, there are plenty of other reasons why a newsletter is a must-have for your business.


Given that email newsletters combine existing content, advertisement, and promotional activity into one place, pulling a newsletter regular together can be an inexpensive way of reaching out to customers. 

While introductions and synopses will need to be written for each newsletter and budget may need to be spent on designing the initial template, these are minor recurring costs compared with the price of developing and designing meatier marketing campaigns.

Time effectiveness

The low cost in writing and pulling together a newsletter campaign is also thanks to the speed at which companies can create newsletters. Add to this email automation services which allow groups of customers to be targeted and contacted en masse with little administrative burden and releasing a newsletter can be a truly rapid undertaking.

They earn trust

If email newsletters are designed and written in a friendly yet professional manner that matches how customers want to perceive the business, featuring insights and benefits that are geared to the needs of users, then businesses can sit tight knowing they are earning their customers’ trust. 

Loyalty can also be earned the same way, particularly if the newsletter series is delivered regularly, such as once a month.

They can be personalised

By segmenting groups of customers depending on their wants, needs and backgrounds before personalising newsletter content towards each group, businesses can drive sales in a well-targeted way. 

According to Campaign Monitor’s 2019 research, segmented email campaigns drove a 760% increase in revenue – an enormous improvement on cut-and-paste attempts at email marketing that really highlights the power of personalisation.

Increased sales

By advertising promotions and driving user traffic to your website, you can bring users into your online sales funnel at every stage. Blogs can pique interest in topics related to your offering, product spotlights can help those considering between your business and competitors, and deals can drive cold, hard conversions simply and effectively.

Have you used email newsletters to promote your business? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

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