Can AI transform a trip to the races?

A trip to the races can be an eventful afternoon and a perfect way to spend a day in the sunshine if you go in the right season.

You can get dressed to the nines with your nearest and dearest to attend one of the leading racecourses in the United Kingdom or Ireland and watch the best in the business compete for the top prizes in the sport.

Cheltenham Festival is a bucket list event. It’s a four-day festival of racing where the leading horses, jockeys, trainers and owners on the National Hunt compete to come out on top.

However, in summer Royal Ascot is the place to be. It’s where hats are required for entry into the racecourse, along with the strictest of dress codes. After getting dressed up, you get to watch the finest racehorses in the world battle it out over the flats.

Punters entering the gates on the day are also in battle themselves, trying to desperately emerge victorious against the bookies to get that elusive big win.

We all have our methods. The novices may fall in love with a particular name on the racecard that they have a good feeling about. Or maybe it’s the colour of the jockey’s uniform. It’s nothing more than a shot in the dark and is not the best way to pick a winner. Some of the group may like to back the favourite in the field, while others may have done their research into the form guide and have found a gem in the running.Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula for success, but there could be a way to narrow down the best horses in the field. We are all prone to our forms of bias. Our eyes can get drawn in a particular way as previously mentioned. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, removes this bias from the equation and focuses on the facts of the matter to determine the best candidates to win a horse race. The Beth betting tool, for example, puts a number of criteria into a formula, including the form of the horse, its pedigree, the weather and the track

The tool calculates the horses with the best chance of winning the event based on their criteria. You could argue that it does remove an element of the romance of picking a horse, but it is a great way of trying to make more informed choices. Sportsbooks themselves use artificial intelligence to define the value of their odds and, therefore, the technology is already in play in the betting industry.We use AI all the time in our everyday lives when we access our phones or a home-assistant device. The majority of people use those tools without the blink of an eye. Therefore, there’s no reason why AI should not be incorporated into racing. There are great opportunities to be had by taking the proverbial plunge and deploying technology to your advantage. 

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