Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Vandalizing Aviation Fuel Tankers

On 13 September 2019, analysts identified a communication from the anarchist and anti-capitalist media network site 325, in which an anarchist, who remains anonymous, provides details of an unverified incident involving fellow anarchists that targeted aviation fuel tankers in Easton, UK. 

According to the communication, anarchists targeted six white fuel tankers located in between a railway line and motorway in a residential area of Easton. The anonymous writer claims that aviation fuel contains over 2,000 chemicals and once ignited has a significantly high BTU (British Thermal Unit) than gasoline, meaning it can burn for much longer. Allegedly, anarchists attacked six, 60 foot long white tankers by painting the tankers in blue paint to express their discontent surrounding the expansion of Bristol Airport. Supposedly, those tankers containing large amounts of aviation fuel are kept in that area in case there is ever a shortage of fuel at the airport. 


The anarchist claims that these tankers are putting people’s lives at risk on a daily basis, just at the expense of corporations who can continue “business as usual” no matter what. Furthermore, if anything devastating was to occur at Bristol Airport, all the fuel would be transported to Filton Airfield, which is currently used by the National Police Air Service and home to an Airbus Factory. Allegedly, Airbus has been supplying the Turkish regime with missiles, fighter jet components and other weapons technology. Back in 2018, activists and friends of female British fighter pilot Anna Campbell, who was killed by Turkish forces, staged a direct action on the roof of the Airbus facility for 27 hours. 

The post continues to mention various globally impacting energy projects imposed by Bristol Airport, such as their plan to expand their aviation fuel distribution through Bristol’s ports and docks from 10 million tonnes to 12 million. The author says they have used “green wash to legitimize this, publishing a ‘Carbon Roadmap’ which claims it will become “carbon neutral” by 2025.” Further claiming that any corporation appearing to be “carbon neutral” are lying at the expense of the planet. 

Lastly, the anonymous anarchist explains that they are not Extinction Rebellion (XR), they don’t make demands, they only believe that in order to achieve climate justice, people’s way of thinking needs to change.