Be Smart And Don’t Make These 6 Gardening Mistakes

Gardening is a pretty impressive and joyful hobby and many homeowners who have their own garden love to do it. There are so many tips and tricks for gardening and people who love to do it in their spare time have the complete knowledge about different garden designs and types of plant species, shade-loving and hating plants, which plant requires less care and which requires more and by using this knowledge, they do gardening in their lawn perfectly. But, there are many people who don’t know much about gardening and still want to do it on their own which leads them to commit mistakes. Some of the gardening mistakes to avoid include. 

1. Ignoring the Environment 

While choosing the plants and flowers for garden landscaping, the foremost thing that you should check is whether would they be able to cope up with the environment or will they be unable to bloom? Know the environment of the area where you live, especially the sun and its directions and choose the plants accordingly. 

2. Congesting the Space Among Plants 

It’s good to make your garden as much green as you can but congesting the space by planting way too close can lead to consequences. Every living thing needs some space to breathe freely and openly so, if you will pack the plants too closely they won’t be able to breathe properly. Keep an adequate distant among them for proper and enhanced growth. 

3. Overwatering 

Plants need the right amount of sunlight, air and water to thrive perfectly but many people are seen to overwater their plants which ultimately kills the plant. If you don’t want your garden makeover go wrong, make sure you know what amount of water does your new plants require and follow the instructions carefully so that the plants don’t die due to overwatering. 

4. Using Excessive Fertilizers 


Fertilizers are extremely useful for plants but only when used in limited amount. Just like water, using excessive amounts of fertilizers can lead the plant to death. Hence, if you don’t have enough knowledge about gardening then take help from someone who knows well about the use of fertilizers and save your plants from dying. 

5. Planting in the Wrong Season 

People who go for seasonal plants tend to either plant them way too early or too late which doesn’t provide the seeds the required temperature and the seeds fail to sprout. If you are falling for some beautiful seasonal plants, ensure that you know the accurate time to plant them so they bloom at the right time and make your garden eye-catching. 

6. Not Knowing the Sunlight Hours 

Even if you are planting something as per the directions mentioned in the pack, there are some terms for sunlight which as an unprofessional gardener, you will misunderstand which can harm your plants. Talking about the sunlight instructions, here is what the terms mean:

Full Sun – It means that the plant requires sunlight for at least 6 hours. 

Full Shade – Less than 3 hours of sunlight must be given. 

Part Sun/Part shade – Just 3 to 5 hours of sunlight is enough.