Bolton MP urges PM to stop investigations into veterans

Chris Green MP has joined forces with 150 Tory MPs and peers who are demanding that the plans to investigate Northern Ireland veterans come to a halt.

The calls follow the 2014 proposal of a new Historical Investigations Unit, which has already seen veterans come under investigation for their unprosecuted killings not only during the troubles in Northern Ireland but also other conflicts such as the Iraq War.

In the letter to the Prime Minister, signed by the Bolton MP, it states that the Historical Investigations Unit will not only put the armed services at an exceptional disadvantage but will also work against the Conservative manifesto’s commitment to the armed forces.


Mr Green said: “In the 100th year anniversary of Remembrance Day, it’s disgraceful that our veterans, who followed orders to keep the peace and protect us all, are now facing prosecution.

“We should be doing our best to protect our veterans, not allowing our elderly veterans who served during the troubles to be the subject of a witch-hunt.

“I urge the Prime Minister to put an end to the investigation of our veterans, who have already been investigated whilst IRA criminals have been released from prison early. This is no way to show respect to our armed forces personnel.”