Channel 4 to air fly-on-the-wall series “Educating Greater Manchester”

Channel 4 are taking to the classrooms of Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton, Salford for the first episode of Educating Greater Manchester, a new fly-on-the-wall documentary series airing on Thursday 31st August at 9pm.

Described as “a warm and honest exploration of what life’s like for students and their teachers”, the first episode of the series will kick off by showing a newly-formed friendship between lower years pupil Rani, who recently arrived from Syria, and ‘old-before-his-time’ classmate Jack before revealing how staff and students responded to the Manchester Arena terror attack in May.


Advertising the series, headteacher Drew Povey says, “The school has been on an incredible journey over recent years and we are extremely proud of our students, staff and local community. We have been given the opportunity to share our story through the Educating series. […] We believe that something special is happening in Harrop Fold, Little Hulton and Salford and we have the highest aspirations for the future of all our students, staff and stakeholders.”

According to Channel 4, the series promises to unearth more inspirational, entertaining and heart-rending stories from the hallways of Harrop Fold, with a few new elements thrown in to the mix.

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