Clubbing in the Manchester Art Gallery: the unusual clash happens next Saturday

The Manchester Art Gallery will open its doors to an unpredictable event that gathers art and music together. On the 13th of April, citizens of Manchester will be able to dance surrounded by the finest paintings in the area, as the place becomes a club venue for a night.

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to stare at some of the finest paintings in art history, while you are chilling and dancing to the sound of your favorite music? Or, did you ever imagine inviting your partner to an event, where you can party and enjoy an art exhibition? The Manchester Art Gallery is going to turn these scenarios possible by bringing together the opportunity of partying and appreciating art. On the 13th of April, the iconic museum, that was born in 1823, will become a club venue for a night, allowing people with many different tastes to enjoy good music and fine paintings.

More than 200 clubbers will take over the gallery for a different night of funky tunes. The event is being produced alongside the Take Me To Church suburban promoters, who decided to launch their own club night party in Prestwich venues. From the side of the Museum, opening the venue to new audiences is a goal to achieve, that will now be allowed throughout this innovative cooperation.

It is estimated that the gallery will be available to receive 250 people, even though there are parts of the facilities that won’t be open to the curious ones. Yet, people will be able to dance in several areas of the gallery while enjoying the paintings and sculptures. Besides the unique art pieces displayed in the space, clubbers will be treated to a wide range of music from house, funk, hip-hop to Latin hits. The DJs Just Jane and Tom Cole are going to be playing at the event.


This initiative is the first of ticketed events that the museum will be hosting over the following months to encourage new publics to visit the space, since the gallery is free to enter, seven days a week. Further down the line, more events of these geneses are expected to be announced in the hope of a cultural background change as a strategy to attract more than just the usual art fans.

The Manchester Art Gallery has a collection of more than 25.000 objects. From this large number, it includes more than 2.000 oil paintings, 3.000 watercolors and drawings, 250 sculptures, 90 miniatures, and around 1.000 prints. Furthermore, the space possesses more than 13.000 decorative art objects including ceramics, glass, enamels, furniture, metalwork, armors, wallpapers, dolls houses, and related items. The oldest object present in the facilities is an Egyptian canopic jar from circa 1100 BC. This museum is one of UK’s more appealing sites when it comes to its collection of Victorian art, especially the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Victorian decorative arts.

Despite being a construction that goes back 196 years, the art gallery has been in evolution with the time, paying attention to its surrounding society. During the years the gallery has been playing an important role in sharing the magnificent work of our ancestors but also the new upcoming talents and their own methods of art. In addition, the space is open to all the audiences as well as for the backstage panorama. Volunteering programs and donations are open to keep on developing the aims of the art gallery. For the museum managers, it is imperative that people can get involved not only as users and customers but also as part of the family of the art house.

“Volunteering at the Manchester Art Gallery makes me feel immensely proud. I always want to tell people about the gallery, and I say how it put my life in a whole new direction. I have never painted so much in all my life, as a result of the support at opportunities at Manchester Art Gallery. I am able to give myself to projects and see positive results, and to see children laugh and be wowed by my volunteering is amazing”, says Martin to the official website of the Museum.

The Manchester Art Gallery has the doors opened to all of those who want to belong to this big family. If you are curious, interested or just attracted by some of their possibilities, don’t hold your horses. You can start by approaching the venue with this new upcoming event: enjoy the music, the art pieces and have fun. For more information about the tickets, you can visit the official website.


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