Conservative Mayor candidate launches petition against Congestion Tax

Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham’s plans for a ‘clean air zone’ would cover all 493 square miles of Greater Manchester, covering every road in every city, town and village across the region.

Now Laura Evans, the Conservative’s mayoral candidate, is asking people to sign her petition against the plans, which she said would put an extra tax on drivers which could hit jobs hard, including small businesses and self-employed.

The businesswoman, who has launched a petition calling on Mr Burnham to rethink the plans, said the proposals will hit many workers hard in their pockets.

Laura Evans and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

She said: “I want to protect our environment, but introducing a crippling charge is not the way forward.

“In fact, Andy Burnham has actually gone back on his word on this. In 2017 he said no motorists would face charges, stating that air quality had to be improved, but charging was not a solution for him. link

“These plans will just put an extra tax on drivers which could hit jobs hard, including small businesses and the self-employed. Right when we need to give people confidence, secure jobs and get people back into work

“If elected I would work with the government to deliver clean air, without taxing hard-working members of the public.

“The government has committed £41m to support Greater Manchester businesses, sole traders and the voluntary sector to help upgrade to cleaner commercial vehicles ahead of a clean air zone.

“My plan would build on that getting councils to lead from the front, tackling problem junctions to ease congestion in the worst areas, and a green reward scheme.

“I would urge everyone who uses a vehicle to sign my petition to send a strong message to the Mayor, that we don’t want an extra tax.”

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