Conservatives call on the Labour council administration to end A56 chaos

On behalf of the residents of Trafford the Conservatives are calling on Cllr. Andrew Western, the Labour Leader of Trafford Council, to urgently reconsider the recently introduced reduction of the A56 from two lanes each way between Altrincham and Manchester to one lane for cars and a dedicated one lane for cycles. The A56 is the main road of Trafford serving both residents and the business community.  It has quickly become evident that this shrinking of the capacity of the A56 will damage residents and businesses alike, increasing pollution, increasing journey times and journey distances, damaging further the fragile local economy and risking jobs for our residents.  

As Trafford’s Labour leader, Andrew Western, is more than aware, there are many alternative schemes available. Whilst the Conservative Group were not consulted about the plans on the A56, the Group would be happy to work with Andrew Western to explore these for the benefit of all local residents.  These schemes may not be headline grabbing ones, like halving the A56, but they would deliver real benefits for our residents without damaging the environment and job prospects for all.


Cllr. Nathan Evans, Leader of the Opposition on Trafford Council said “As with the recent change of heart on the crazy idea to close Barrington Road in Altrincham to vehicles, it would be a positive step for Andrew Western to acknowledge that his scheme is an error, that he got this one wrong, and get our borough flowing freely as lockdown is lifted.

“We certainly need safe cycle routes but at a time when we need maximum opportunity for access to work and limited use of public transport, simply halving the main route into Manchester, without proper consideration or any consultation with local residents, is the wrong decision.”