Conservatives Call out Labour’s Poor Bin Management

With Trafford’s bin collections continuing to suffer from mismanagement, Conservatives are calling on Labour to clean up the mess that they have created. Green bin collections have been particularly affected in recent months, with residents asking why their green bins remain unemptied.

Local Conservative Councillors have discovered, thanks to information from Council Officers that 30% of rounds chosen to be cancelled have been in Timperley, Hale, and Hale Barns.

Commenting on the level of service, Cllr. Dave Morgan, Shadow Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services at Trafford Council said “Residents, especially those in the south of the borough are very fed up with the poor bin collection service, particularly since the rounds changes in 2019. Some residents are now reporting that their green bin collections are being missed for three or four weeks at a time, which is totally unacceptable in the summer.

“We all understand that some bin men are self-isolating, but why instead of coming up with a solution, the Labour Council are instead just cancelling bin rounds. Under the previous Conservative administration, waste collection regularly achieved more than 99% first time collection, so why is Labour unable to deliver the service to an acceptable standard?”

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