Creation of DevOPs Roles in Manchester and Stoke

Recently, the world of online bookmakers has been the subject of positive and negative stories. There has been pressure on some companies, as profits have dipped.

However, some companies, such as NetEnt, have had positive news to convey, as the company reported in their last interim report. Another big name bookmaker, Bet365, has announced their own positive news which is good for Manchester and Stoke. The company is creating a new DevOPs team.

New team to be located in Manchester and Stoke

The new team will be housed in the offices of the company’s technology business, Hillside Technology, in Stoke and Manchester. The aim of this new team is to speed up the IT operations of the company. 

Newly appointed DevOps head, Steven Briggs, will be in charge of various professionals performing roles including Incident Management, IT operations and Software Release. The idea is to bring all of the disciplines together so that the time between concept and delivery is reduced. This increase in speed is essential if the company’s IT systems are to keep up with the growth of the brand. 

Developments in software to meet the needs of the brand 


The growth of the company has necessitated the development of a more complex platform. The DevOps team needs to keep pace with these developments without compromising the stability and security of the platform. This is essential in order to maintain customer engagement with the brand. 

It’s not the first time that the company, owned by British billionaire Denise Coates, has used innovation and development to grow its brand. It has enjoyed great success with its online platform. 

The latest part of its development work is the creation of the Kubernetes platform. The first cluster of the platform has gone live. It’s a state of the art development that will allow one area if the business to make changes without affecting other areas of the business. This helps to improve the customer experience as it reduces the chance of any interruption to service. 

The first stage of the development of the Kubernetes platform involved the creation of a set of production clusters that are involved with running the authentication module to allow Italian Horse Racing to be streamed live. This is a test for the scaling up of the platform. It will help the company to recognise and deal with any challenges that may present themselves. 

It’s clear that there are exciting times ahead for the company, from a technology point of view. The development of the new DevOps team is a major part of this. It provides the opportunity to bring concepts into the real world at a much increased pace. This is beneficial to the growing brand and to its customers who should be able to enjoy an enhanced experience.