Croden on photography use

In the meme age it is all to easy to post an image and end up with a bill for several hundred pounds the following week.

Working in news you deal with this kind of issue on a regular basis, enthusiastic contributors not sourcing their photographs legitimately and the like.

Even I’ve had my images used by national titles without them going through proper channels. Naughty!


But with companies now using specialist software to target copyright violations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide away on a corner of the web.

With basic prices starting at £200 for one image use, it can be a very expensive bill if a violating site has multiple breaches.

What’s needed is more education on copyright law, possibly even warning messages on sites like WordPress, Facebook, and twitter before people post content.

Educating people will allow photographers to be properly compensated for their hard and often uncredited pieces.


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