From St. Ambrose to Westminster Palace

‘Last week, I had the pleasure of heading down to the Palace of Westminster, along with award-winning teacher Mr. D Lindsay, who has been nominated for the Oxford Inspirational Teacher award, and the St. Ambrose College Politics Society and A-Level Students.

It was an early start, since we had to be at Piccadilly at just after before seven, but the group met at the station in what was clearly an excited and anticipatory frame of mind.

The two-hour train journey, spent by the group in animated conversation surrounding their thoughts and hopes for the day ahead, was pleasantly passed, and we were at Euston station almost before we’d realised we’d left.

From there, it was the tube to Westminster, and a short walk to Parliament itself.

The first part of the day was spent walking the corridors of the ancient Palace, and seeing both the luxurious couches of the Lords and the noble simplicity of the Commons, encountering numerous famous men along the way; a particular highlight was the meeting the group had with Sir Graham Brady, the Conservative MP for Altrincham and Sale West, where that distinguished statesman himself was deeply impressed by the educated tone and relevance of the group’s questions.


Having completed this, the group departed for lunch, under remote supervision, and dispersed throughout the beautiful surroundings of Parliament, such famous venues as the Wetminster Kitchen, Hannah and MacDonalds being the destination of the boys. Many took the opportunity to further engage in a constructive dialogue with the protestors outside Parliament, where the group was intrigued to see their flag-clad dogs and massive banners.

Then, it was time for the next section of the day, and we saw a debate on crime in the House of Commons.

The boys listened attentively, and surprised their companions in the gallery by their maturity and engagement, as Mr. Lindsay sat proudly in their midst, confident that they represented the future of the nation, as well as that of the college.

Finally, the group, headed back to Euston, and finally back to Manchester, to forever cherish with gladness the great memories they had made on the trip, and inspired to further their own careers, to perhaps themselves sit in that great chamber one day.’


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