How Does Live NFL Betting Work?

NFL lines for the most common betting options are available almost six full days before a game is played in most situations. The only time that this doesn’t happen is when you are looking to make a live bet. 

Live betting on the NFL has become extremely popular, and actually live betting on any sport continues to gain attraction. This type of betting can definitely make the viewing experience more fun as you will constantly be looking for a betting opportunity. 

This type of betting is sometimes referred to as “in-play” betting, because you are actually betting while the game is in play. This type of betting is more easily done through a mobile app, but it can also be done online as well. 

Sportsbooks set the live NFL betting odds in real-time, and these can go away in a hurry. Typically live betting odds change with each play, and you can see the odds and lines chane pretty drastically depending on what is taking place in the game. 

You make a live NFL bet the same way that you would with any other wager, but it just has to be done much quicker. You run the risk of losing the betting option altogether if you wait too long, or you could also receive worse odds by waiting. 

NFL Live Betting Options

There are going to be some limited betting options when it comes to live betting, but there are still plenty of bets to choose from. This list will also continue to grow in the future as more sportsbooks find ways to offer new live betting options. 

The three most common live betting options are moneyline, totals, and spread, and these are also the three main pre-game wagers that you will find. The betting odds and lines for each bet will be updating seemingly every 10 seconds or so, and there could be some major changes. 


The best sites with NFL live betting will also offer prop betting options as well. Combining different legs from different games into one live NFL parlay is also an option, but it can be hard to get the bets in before the odds go away. 

There is also “instant betting,” which is even a step up from live betting. These options can include making a bet on what the next play will be or how the next drive will end. 

Much Different From Pre-Game Betting

If you are going to be successful when betting on the NFL then you are going to have to do some research. The only time that research isn’t really possible is when you are looking to make an in-play wager. 

You will still want to do some research prior to the game, but you won’t have time to do much more as the game is going on. You’re also going to notice that odds disappear quickly, while the odds are out nearly a week before most NFL games are played. 

Another difference is that some of the live betting markets are going to be “blacked out,” which will significantly limit your options. Placing a bet on an NFL game before it begins could give you hundreds of options to choose from.

This type of bet can be done in-person of online, but it works much better on a mobile app. There is simply no time to waste when it comes to live betting, and trusting your gut is the only way to go at times. 

Live NFL betting is still a great way to go, especially if you are watching the game each Sunday. You should get a feel for how the game is going to play out, and that is when you will want to strike by placing a wager. 


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