How has the north west business sphere changed in the last 10 years?

Cities in the north west, such as Liverpool and Manchester, have historically been known as places full of innovation, with thriving and diverse communities and hardworking people. Over recent years, these qualities have been brought to the forefront once again, with eyes increasingly turning towards the north for its business successes and high levels of investment.

The business accounting experts over at Alexander & Co have taken a look at how the north west business sphere has changed in the last 10 years. Take a look below!

Emergence of the northern powerhouse

The northern powerhouse describes the business scene in the north and north west of England. Funding and support has been poured into the area by the government, to help these often-overlooked cities reach their full potential.

Funding is also going into schools, digital skills training and transport, to help get the north on an even keen in digital innovation with the rest of the country.

Thriving startup scene


Startups are popping up across the country, but the North West has seen particular success at nurturing fledgling companies into multi-million pound businesses. There is a thriving startup scene across the north-west, with meetups and support available at events every night of the week.

Talented individuals are increasingly choosing to move out of the capital and head to Manchester thanks to its vibrant culture, way of life and lower cost of living. This is helping to further boost the digital and tech scenes, and will further help startup businesses to thrive.

The UK’s second city

Manchester has become known as the ‘UK’s second city’, and it is increasingly able to take on London in terms of business growth, investment and HQs of large companies such as the BBC. This is only set to increase going forward, as businesses continue to make the

move up north, and small businesses grow and reach great successes.

The business sphere in the north west has changed beyond recognition. With increased focus on businesses in the north, and more investment entering the area each year, it’s an exciting time for north west businesses. Here’s to the next ten years and all the changes to come!