How To Earn As A Content Creator In Manchester

Earning money creating content online is not just a new possibility, but the range of what can be now be accomplished is far wider than many might think. While it is entirely possible to find fulltime employment doing distance work via the internet, the newer development of content creation is rapidly gaining steam. So what exactly is content creation, and how can you utilise your hobby or passion in this sphere to gain a little extra cash, or even find a new career entirely?

Content creation, in simple terms, is the act of developing media to keep those interested in an industry or hobby entertained and informed. This can take many forms, from written articles to podcasts, and online videos, none of which are mutually exclusive.

While this does require research and an up-to-date understanding of newer developments, it can usually be done straight from home.

The difference between newer forms of media creation and older types is typically found in the size of the operation. Traditionally, in order to earn from such an interest, a creator would have to work for a larger industry. Here they would act as a small cog in a larger machine, as an arm of online magazine or website.

Monetisation opportunities available today, however, mean going it alone is more viable than ever.

Ad revenue on something like YouTube might seem the obvious choice, but it should be noted that this is not a realistic choice for any but the largest channels. Instead, better opportunities are found today through affiliate programs, and crowdfunding resources such as Patreon.

Affiliate programs, like those from the Mr Green casino, allow users to earn money through simple referrals. In this example, Mr Green has over 5000 profitable affiliates over a wide range of industries, offering over €1.1M in commissions in a month alone. This can enable up to a 45% profit share and is only one example of the hundreds of affiliate programs available online.


The best affiliates are those related to your content, so be sure to choose wisely, and only select those which you truly have confidence in.

Crowdfunding is another beast entirely and can earn you money directly either per month or through the creation of each piece of media. Services like Patreon allow users to create accounts which fans can donate to, directly, cutting out the middleman.

A common method of execution here is through a minimum donation of €1 a month. With higher donations often come bonuses like early content unlocks, dedicated chat channels, and the ability to have a say in the content’s direction.

Before starting on an enterprise like this, the essential point is to understand that just like building any form of financial reward, success does not come overnight. Instead, most have found their way by gathering a fan-base slowly.

Begin this as a hobby, and draw in attention by offering something new. Whether offering a unique take on an old situation, a sense of style and fun, or just a strict adherence to quality, the best channels are those which are consistent.

This is a form of media content still on the rise, so if talking about your passion professionally has been your dream, then there is no better time to start.