How To Keep Your Heating Bills Low This Winter?

As we approach the end of Daylight Savings and get ready to put our clocks back at the end of the month, it’s clear that Winter is bearing down on us. After such a long, warm Summer, the weather has finally turned, temperatures have plummeted and clear sunny skies have been replaced with an overbearing greyness, so in other words: It’s time to turn the heating on.

Whilst a lot of us enjoy the warmth and comfort of getting snug, turning the radiator on and sitting in the warm with a nice cup of hot chocolate, we all feel the struggle of the heating bills skyrocketing in the Winter and after a turbulent year many of us may be a bit worried about our heating bills going through the roof. Which is why we’ll be looking through some simple ways for you to keep your heating bills in check this year.

  1. Put A Jumper On  

This is classic ‘Mum Advice’ just put a jumper on and you won’t need to turn the heating on and whilst we all collectively roll our eyes when someone says that to us, it does work. If you’re just feeling a bit nippy you can warm yourself up by just chucking on a nice thick jumper or a hoodie, if you’re still cold half an hour or so after putting your jumper on, then put on the heating, but taking the move of adding layers before making a move for the thermostat can help you avoid using the heating when it’s not needed.

If jumpers aren’t your style, simply using a nice blanket or duvet will help keep you warm if you’re just relaxing on the sofa, so investing in a warm blanket for your living room should help you keep warm.

  1. Have A Warm Bath/Shower

Again, this is another common sense way to avoid using the heating, if you’re cold having a nice warm bath or shower will help your body warm up and your body will retain that heat and keep you nice and warm for a while. To help your body retain even more of that heat, throwing on a jumper after your shower will help trap the heat from your body and keep you warm for even longer.


If your home is absolutely freezing, by all means put the heating on, this is more of a trick to warm yourself up when you’re just a bit chilly.

  1. Insulate Your Windows

A lot of heat loss in your home comes from the windows, it’s cold on the other side of the window so the cold will slowly leak into your home if left uninsulated. Because of this, you’ll want to look at solutions like getting double glazed windows or insulating your walls, but according to DotcomBlinds, simply installing some thick blinds or curtains over your window is enough to reduce the heat loss in your home. 

With a closed thick window dressing, the cold will be kept out of your home and the dressing will keep the warm in your home, meaning that you can use your heating on a lower temp for less time and still feel similar warmth to your usual heating.

  1. Use The Heat In Your Home

This trick relies on you doing other things in your home that produce heat, such as using your oven, having a shower or using your tumble drier. The trick is to keep the heat in your home, so when you’re cooking leave your extractor fan off  and when you’re done leave the oven door open as it cools to spread the warmth around your home, leave the bathroom door open when you’re having a shower so the warm air can spread around your home or put on clothes straight out of the tumble drier for a nice warm boost.

Again, this isn’t a perfect solution and won’t always be applicable (unless you habitually make 5 roast dinners a day) but using the heat that occurs in your home anyway to reduce your reliance on the heating can help cut a few £s off your bill.


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