“Huge win for local businesses” as McDonald’s pull out of Didsbury

McDonald’s have today given up hope of building a new drive-thru outlet in the heart of Didsbury after a community campaign has proved successful.

Plans for a new McDonald’s in Didsbury have fallen through after a campaign backed by prominent politicians, traders, a nearby high school and local residents attracted more than 1,000 signatures.

McDonald’s caused outrage when bosses submitted an application to open one of their outlets at a busy junction across the road from Parrs Wood entertainment complex and Parrs Wood High School.

Speaking at one of the protests community campaigner, John Cameron said: “The presence of McDonald’s would only add pressure at an already difficult time for local businesses. We need to do all we can to make sure Manchester doesn’t become completely dominated by global brands.”

John Cameron at the protests. Photo: John Cameron.

The council was set to reject proposals after the community campaign gathered momentum, but McDonald’s have now withdrawn their application.


Among those also objecting and attending the protests was former McDonald’s employee and Manchester’s Opposition Leader, John Leech who said: “Manchester remains a desirable place to live and work because of its thriving independent business offering unique places to eat, drink and shop.

“The impact of another enormous chain could have been fatal, so this really is a huge win for our local businesses.”

There is another McDonlads just three miles away in Chorlton





The McDonald’s proposals were met with fury by residents due to concerns over childhood obesity, the proximity to local schools and worries about traffic and anti-social behaviour.

Didsbury councillor Richard Kilpatrick, added: “McDonald’s plans were doomed from the outset because they did nothing to address numerous local people’s concerns, but local businesses can rest assured that the Liberal Democrats will always be on their side, fighting to keep Didsbury and south Manchester thriving with independent and homegrown trade.

“This is also an enormous win for local people – together we’ve shown the power we have as a community, even against one of the world’s biggest and most powerful corporations.”

The fast food giant wanted to open a drive-thru outlet at the Tesco in Parrs Wood, taking up part of the existing car park, but plans have now been withdrawn.


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