Innovative Methods To Extend Your Business Space

Two major factors that all successful businesses want to be associated with are “growth” and “change”. Aiming to achieve either of these factors can influence a business owner to look for innovative ways such as clear span buildings to extend his existing workspace. 

As time goes on and your business grows, you will either need to change the location of your office space or extend it for better productivity. Employing extra staff will also demand that you create enough workspace for your business operations to thrive. 

Some business owners find extending their business space challenging because of a false belief that doing so will cost a lot of money. However, there are more affordable options that you can use to boost productivity by extending your business space.

In this post, we will take a quick look at innovative methods that any business owner can use to extend their business space.


Extending your business space does not have to be challenging and you can do so within a tight budget if you follow the options below:

  • EXTENDING DESKS: One of the most innovative ways to extend your business space is choosing the right desks and arranging them efficiently. If the layout of your desks is not properly organized they will occupy more space. Planning the current needs of your office is quite an easy process; however, you should also factor in what you will do when your team gets larger. Building banks or rows of desks is one of the ways that you can properly manage your business space. While this option might not necessarily extend your current business space, it helps you utilize it more effectively, and hence, maximizing the use of business space you have. If you want a genuine business space extension, you should opt for a clear span building.
  • CLEAR SPAN BUILDINGS: One of the best ways you can maximize volume in a clear span is by opting for a clear span building. The best part of this business extension method is that it is quite affordable when compared to other extension options of the same size. Typical clear span buildings that are acquired from reputable modular building companies such as Smart-Space span up to 60m wide and up to 12m long. This option is also one of the fastest ways to extend your office space. You can use a clear span building anywhere a large unobstructed internal volume is needed. They can be used for a variety of business purposes ranging from processing or manufacturing to warehousing. Smart Space provides a variety of temporary modular building solutions, including clear span buildings, and they are known for their high-quality products that comply with the BS6399 British Standard for wind and snow loading.
  • VERTICAL STORAGE: Like the clear span building, vertical storage is another affordable way to extend your business space. The topmost advantage of this business extension option is that it is perfect for businesses that may not have the external space that may allow an extension. Vertical storage allows businesses to build upwards rather than outwards. This way you can create more business space above your existing structure, eliminating the need for horizontal business spaces. The vertical storage is typically adaptable. This implies that it allows you to add to it if you need more business space. It is quite affordable; however, it may require more assembly time than a clear span building.


Although extending your business space will cost you some capital outlay, you do not have to break the bank while doing it. The options above are quite affordable, adaptable, and durable and as your business grows and the team gets larger, you can choose your preferred option to extend your business space.