John Leech and Chris Green clash over Brexit “shambles”

"I'm not happy with any type of Brexit" declares Lib Dem John Leech despite country voting to Leave

Manchester’s John Leech and Bolton’s Chris Green went head-to-head in this week’s ITV Granda Debates where the discussion inevitably led to their differences over the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The two prominent politicians locked horns over the direction of Brexit with Lib Dem John Leech declaring he is “not happy with any type of Brexit.”

Newly resigned ex-minister Chris Green criticised the Liberal Democrat for being inward-looking and not recognising the trade working with the United States could bring the UK.

The Bolton West MP resigned from his position at the Department for Transport announcing in his resignation letter to Mrs May that her plan for Brexit would mean that Britain “would not really leave the EU”.

John Leech, who is Leader of the Opposition on Manchester Council and campaigned to Remain, snapped back that 44% of the UK’s trade is with the EU.


The former MP who served Manchester Withington for a decade claimed any type of Brexit will make the country “poorer” and declared the government a “shambles.”

The Labour representative, Salford Mayor Paul Dennett, remained quiet throughout.

Tweeting a link to the heated debate, Mr Leech said: “At least we know where the Liberal Democrats and Tories stand on Brexit but why so quiet Labour?”