Kids interview Lib Dem John Leech in most heartwarming video of the election

Sometimes, it’s the smallest voices asking the biggest questions.

In an election which has seen the Prime Minister avoid proper scrutiny from not just Andrew Neil but other party leaders and voters alike, the Liberal Democrats have fielded questions from a far tougher, and more authentic, source than a TV studio.

In ‘Kids interview John Leech’, the Leader of the Lib Dems in Manchester sits down for a grilling from local kids Evan (10) and Isobel (8).

The three-part interview covers everything from homelessness, climate change, favourite chocolate bars, video game addiction and “idiot” Donald Trump’s billion-dollar border wall.

John Leech: “There’s no small talk here – just big questions from the leaders of tomorrow!”

The light-hearted video also covers a chocolate eating competition that left the senior Lib Dem feeling “pretty ropey” and reveals his dislike for mince pies, coffee chocolate and this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert.

But Leech, a popular local MP for a decade who led the party’s comeback in Manchester, said there was a serious message behind the videos and warned that children’s voices have been ignored in this election.

John Leech with Isobel and Evan

He said: “If children are given a chance, they will build the brightest possible future for themselves but it is these voices that have been so unfairly ignored in this election.

“It’s time to right that wrong. So I sat down with Evan and Isobel to answer, directly to them, everything they wanted to know. There’s no small talk here – just big questions from the leaders of tomorrow!

“I am determined to help give the next generation its future back. The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit, stop Boris and build a brighter future every single child in this country, no matter what.”

Clearly not intimidated by politics, Evan and Isobel say they’re ready to do it again, but have their eyes set on Ant and Dec or Little Mix next.

Evan said his favourite moment was hearing about the chocolate eating competition, while Isobel enjoyed Leech’s colourful of description Trump.

“He explained things well to us, I thought it was interesting. I found out things I didn’t know and learned lots more about the Lib Dems”, Evan said. “I would definitely do it again. I’d love to interview Ant n Dec.”

“I learnt from his answers that he thinks a lot like me”, Isobel added.

The full interview is below. It is split into three parts on John Leech’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.