Labour has let Manchester down for too long

As Manchester goes to the polls this Thursday, Conservatives in the city claim the choice for voters is clear if they want the best value for money together with high quality local services.

Dr Shaden Jaradat, Deputy Chairman of Manchester Conservatives said he believes Labour have let people down for too long and it’s now time for a change.

He said: “If you look at local politics in Manchester you would be forgiven for thinking that local council members are the voice of Town Hall across the city rather than their intended role of being the voice of local residents in the city’s corridors of power.

“The Labour-led city council can’t even get basic tasks done such as fixing the potholes in our streets and getting the rubbish bins collected on time. If in doubt, all you need to do is walk, cycle or drive around the streets of the city.

“Time and again, Labour here blame someone else for their misfortunes then increase our council tax, blaming government cuts yet forgetting that Manchester City Council sits on more than £300 million in reserve.

“In contrast Conservative governments have invested hundreds of millions of pounds in Manchester’s infrastructure, including Metrolink, Manchester Airport transformation, Oxford Road Corridor, a world-class Proton Beam cancer therapy facility at Christie Hospital, and the National Graphene Centre.

“The Conservatives also devolved power to Greater Manchester so that the city can re-invest the money it generates. On top of that, the Conservative Government has cut income tax, frozen fuel duty, and increased the living wage, all whilst turning the massive deficit Labour left behind into a surplus in day-to-day state spending.

“Compare Manchester to neighbouring Trafford, where the Conservative-led council froze council tax, did a better job at cleaning the roads of potholes, and ensured more than 90% of children attend good or outstanding schools. Only the Conservatives can replicate this incredible success in Manchester.

“That is why it is time for real change in Manchester. Other opposition parties across the city will tell voters what to do and how they should run their lives. The Conservatives want you – the voter and the real boss in our democracy – to feel there is more transparency and fairness in how your city is run.

“The Conservatives are the only credible opposition to Labour, and the only opposition which actually fielded a candidate in every contested seat across the city of Manchester so that every Mancunian has the choice to vote Conservative and reject Labour’s complacency.

If you elect Conservative counsellors in Manchester on May 3rd, they will implement a comprehensive plan (Conservatives Manchester Manifesto) to tackle the myriad of problems which Labour have either failed to solve or ignored altogether. I would particularly highlight the following pledges:

  • ENSURING BETTER VALUE FOR YOUR COUNCIL TAX MONEY. We will cut wasteful vanity projects which flourished under the Labour-controlled council, and channel the council’s reserves where it really matters: our schools, parks and roads. We will freeze council tax in the next financial year.
  • REDUCING HOMELESSNESS IN OUR CITY. It is heart-breaking to see people living on the streets of Manchester in 2018. Every homeless person has individual problems and needs. Whether it is drug addiction or mental illness, we would utilise the local public health budget to provide specialist drug rehabilitation and mental health services. We will also push local housing authorities to engage with individuals to secure the right temporary accommodation for them.
  • BETTER LOCAL HOUSING PLANNING AND TRANSPARENCY. The Conservative Government is investing £44 billion to reach an average 30,000 new homes per year. Manchester needs a strong voice in the council to ensure planning permission rules are reviewed to encourage more affordable housing. We also want greater transparency from the council. We will campaign to make your voice heard on the developments happening to our city. We will encourage more engagement through social media residence groups, written literature and bringing public consultations to apartment blocks whenever applicable.
  • BACKING SMALL BUSINESSES AND IMPROVING JOB PROSPECTS. The Labour-controlled council is stifling our local economy. We will campaign for lower business rates in Manchester so that small businesses can afford to create more jobs. We also want to slash parking charges to help boost local businesses. We would urge the council to take immediate action and set up council-run initiatives to get people back into work with real training and prospects. We will work in partnership with local businesses, universities and colleges to introduce apprenticeship schemes for young people and those looking for jobs to earn an independent living.
  • IMPROVING TRANSPORT. Commuting is still a daily struggle for many of Manchester’s residents, with congested roads often at a standstill during rush hour. Bus services are concentrated in some areas and reduced in many others. We will push for better transport planning.


The Conservatives will put you first. Unlike Labour, we will not be consumed by PR exercises whilst forgetting residents’ needs and concerns.

Nor are we a Party that has reduced itself to a single-issue pressure group like others have done. Simply put: we want lower tax and better services.

Vote Conservative on 3rd May!


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