Lib Dem MP of 10 years says homophobic protestors were behind fences, “where they belong”.

A former Liberal Democrat MP of ten years has said that homophobic protestors at Manchester Pride were behind fences, “where they belong”.

In a Facebook and Twitter post the prominent Liberal Democrat shared an image of protestors at last weekend’s Manchester Pride Parade with the comment: “Such a small number of protestors it’s embarrassing…. but still… behind fences where they belong…”


Users on his page rallied around to agree, with one saying: “They belong in the middle ages lol not 2017”, with another tweeting: “@JohnLeechmcr Shouty Christians preaching hate and intolerance when there was so much love and happiness from the Parade. Sad”.

The passionate gay rights campaigner ended his post with “Welcome to progress” and a pride flag emoji. His stern wording comes as he attended the Pride Parade; something he says he attends proudly and loudly, and without fail, every year.

This is not the first time John Leech has had no qualms about publicly calling out homophobia. In 2013, he caused widespread controversy when he attacked one of his own constituents for opposing his public support and involvement in the same-sex marriage bill, accusing them of being “ignorant, offensive and homophobic”.

Leech also designed the Bill and led the campaign to pardon Alan Turing, whom he said was a “hero”, and whose conviction he slammed as “utterly disgusting and ultimately just embarrassing”. He went on to secure the pardon for the 50,000+ other men convicted of similar offences and led the campaign to outlaw homophobic chanting at football matches.


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