London And Sarah Were Most Generous At Christmas

December brings an increase in job opportunities for postal staff as we rush to get seasonal cheer through the letter boxes of friends and families. Cards have proven to be the most popular product to be sent throughout December since 2014, calendars second, according to unique data from Funky Pigeon.

The Royal Mail say almost 80 percent of people would rather receive a traditional Christmas card than an e-card, according to research.

The latest GCA Market Report shows that in 2017 the UK public spent £1.7 billion on greeting cards. Nearly 100 million Christmas single cards were sold, bringing the total for the Christmas card market to one billion cards sold in the UK. It’s estimated that each Briton sends an average of 16 cards at Christmas.

In addition, millions of cards were bought from online operators, such as Funky Pigeon.

The tool that’s been created for this festive occasion tells of the most generous names who sent the most cards with Sarah taking in the top spot:

  1. Sarah
  2. Emma
  3. Laura
  4. Claire
  5. Lisa
  6. Nicola
  7. Rebecca
  8. Michelle
  9. Louise
  10. Karen


The first male appeared on the list in 15th place, David, showing that females ruled the top 10 for being organised card senders at Christmas since 2014.

If your name is Eve, then you may not be as festive as your name suggests as you rank 495th in the list of Christmas card senders. Before Eve comes Holly, ranking 132nd whilst Nick is 184th on the list. When comparing this to other areas of the research, the rankings of names proved interesting:

  • Mary and Joseph aren’t popular names for being Christmas card senders, coming in 153rd and 299th place respectively
  • Joseph’s sent more alcoholic beverages than cards and gifts, as did Bridget’s and Mark’s
  • The name Piers proved to be not so generous either ranking 2,150th whilst Susanna ranked much higher in the hundreds
  • The most cards sent in December came from Sarah with Emma a close second in the ranking
  • David is the first male name on the list in 15th place and Paul one step behind in 16th place
  • London is in position one as the city who has purchased the most cards, Glasgow second and Manchester third

The data from online personalised card and gift service, Funky Pigeon, also analyses which area in the UK sent the most during the Christmas period and revealed London to be the most generous city with fellow capitals Edinburgh in 18th place and Cardiff ranking 28th.

Around the world, trending celebrity names have been pulled out to see which place they rank on the list too:

  • Victoria 29th
  • Emily 54th
  • Kim 79th
  • Tom 145th
  • Adele 211th
  • Theresa 311th
  • Ed 796th
  • Meghan 820th
  • Piers 2,150th
  • Idris 6,552nd

To see which politician, F.R.I.E.N.D.S star or movie lead ranks higher, explore the tool’s database of names and rankings at