Manchester start-up firms join the debate on mixing booze with business

Manchester’s leading entrepreneurs will join together in November to shine a light on the debate around start-up drinking culture – and whether or not it is detrimental to long term success.

City centre coworking space Accelerate Places Manchester will host the Start-up, Sober-upevent on 20th November, where important discussions will take place around Britain’s alcohol culture, and its effect on the business start-up scene.

How much booze is considered a healthy amount, and whether or not a cheeky tipple can actually help with networking, will be just a few of the debates taking place at the Accelerate Places Manchester offices on Princess Street.

Event panelists will include Social Chain’s Dominic McGregor, Naomi Timperley from Tech North Advocates, and Simon Calderbank of Big Knows, who co-owns TwitFaced Events. Open networking will take place either side of the debate, with refreshments available.

Event panellist and business manager at Accelerate Places Manchester, Lisa Murgatroyd said: “In modern culture it’s become quite normal to include drinking with your social activities, but when it comes to business, does a line needs to be drawn and if so, where?

“Everyone has different limits when it comes to what is ‘enough’, and it’s not uncommon in the business world for people to reach for a little dutch courage, especially in a bustling networking environment.

“Our Start-up, Sober-up event shines a light on the debate around the role of alcohol and the increasingly blurred lines between work and social lives within start-up business culture.

“Should we really be mixing business with booze? It’s a debate which is very much ongoing. There will be some really interesting views and experiences shared by our panel of speakers on the evening of 20th November, so I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say.”

Got a burning question for the panel?

We know that this topic will spark much debate within the Manchester start-up business community, so if you have a burning question for our panel to answer on the evening, then please contact [email protected]


The event is completely free to attend, but spaces are limited, so please reserve your spot here.


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