Manchester’s Weirdest Weekend Escapes

Old Trafford’s all well and good – but the football season only lasts so many months of the year. Luckily for all of us, the third biggest city in England’s got plenty more on offer for singles, friends, couples and families alike when it comes to weekend outings. 

If you’re on the hunt for something original, for a memorable experience full of prize moments, just take a look below.  

Breakout Manchester: 60 Mins of Hair Razing Fun  

If you haven’t given escape rooms a go yet, you’re missing out. The premise is simple: you and your group are trapped within a themed set of rooms and the clock is running down to zero. Solve the puzzles, find the clues and save the day – or have endless fun trying. Be warned – arguments are highly likely as the adrenaline begins to kick in. 

Breakout Manchester offers a total of fifteen unique and distinct escape room experiences. Read, a total of fifteen possible weekend escapes (that’ll keep the kids busy). One such experience, ‘Infiltrate,’ sees one of your crew wrongfully imprisoned in a high security lockdown. Can you break in and set them free in the hour before the warden gets off his lunch break? Meanwhile, ‘Virus’ has your team entering a dangerous quarantine zone. The goal is to find the cure for the global zombie infection and escape before time runs out. These two experiences and others like them are a great way to get your blood running and your brain working amongst friends. 

Enter the wild west. Solve the mystery of a strange ritual in the woods. Escape the Crimson Lake Motel, and more.  


Spiritual Events: Psychic with a Twist

Ever wondered what it would be like to glimpse into your own future? Spiritual Events operate parties and hosted group throughout the Manchester area. You are your friends can have private one on one meetings, or else take part in an interactive psychic group experience. A great time for newbies and spiritual veterans alike, this is one sure fire way to make for a memorable Saturday afternoon.  

Of all the various psychic experiences available both with Spiritual Events and elsewhere, tarot readings are one of the UK’s most popular. They’ve even gone digital, with sites like TheCircle for psychic and tarot readings hosting directories of practioners who you can speak to on the phone. Simple, easy and guided, they’re a great gateway into the scene and your first hosted group.  

Cloud 23: A Bar with a View

For better or worse, Cloud 23 makes a change from your local Manchester pub by far. You won’t find a better view of the city anywhere. Nestled on the 23rd floor of Beetham tower, this classy joint is worth getting a little dressed up for. Wine, dine and watch the sun go down. Or, if you’re more of an early bed, book yourself some afternoon tea.  

In a city as big as Manchester, there’s always going to plenty going on towards the end of the work and school week. So get involved! Save the world from apocalypse or get tipsy on a new kind of cocktail way up above the rooftops. The city is what you make of it, and always will be.