Men’s Beauty Treatments at Nataya Beauty

Where in the past, the beauty salon was solely a woman’s domain, male grooming is no longer reserved for celebrities and socialites. The modern man understands that he deserves to feel and look his best every day. We at Nataya Beauty have developed an array of premium treatments, using premium products, to help you do just that.

Unlike most other salons in Manchester, Nataya Beauty has crafted their speciality as offering a specifically catered service to the unique needs of men. With an emphasis on quality products and extraordinary client experiences at the core of our philosophy, we spent time to really get to know what men want from a salon experience. In this day and age, men taking care of themselves and their appearance is becoming a bigger and bigger part of every day life.


Manscaping refers to the removal of unwanted male body hair. The quickest and most effective hair removal method for men is waxing. Pulling the hair out from the root ensures a smooth, long lasting effect that causes much less irritation than shaving. Now, you may be wondering—doesn’t that hurt? It doesn’t have to. Our experts at Nataya Beauty use premium brand treatments such as Lycon waxing paying special attention to your comfort and looking after your skin to ensure that you have the best possible experience. It’s not nearly as painful as you might think.

Male Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and pedicures aren’t just for the ladies, they are crucial for men as well. No matter how well put together you are, dirty unkempt nails and neglected feet can destroy your look. Nobody really likes feet but taking care of them does make them, and you, feel a lot better. Our male manicures and pedicures involve tidying up the cuticles, shaping the nails and massages. We also offer premium packages which include soaks, exfoliation, hard skin buffing and paraffin wax treatments.


Spray Tans

Nothing can instantly improve your appearance quite like a high-quality spray tan. At Nataya Beauty, we select exactly the right shade for your skin from our wide range of options to help you attain a natural looking, glowing tan. Some companies will be happy to leave you a strange orange colour, but we take pride in making sure our spray tan service leaves you natural and happy.

We also offer speciality packages designed for our male clients, like our “Got Your Back” treatment. Created with the modern man in mind, this covers a full back exfoliation, a back mask and massage.

Treat Yourself and Your Other Half

Christmas is the time for treating other people, which is why we also offer couple’s treatments which are always good for couple bonding, or just for you to treat your other half to a good time and a fabulous treatment.

If you would like to learn more about how Nataya Beauty can help you look and feel your best, have a look at our treatments or ring on 0161 832 2448