Mystical and Magical: Tunf Explores Fairytale-Themed Online Slots

There are many slot themes out there which captivate players. Ancient Egyptian and luck-themed slots are always popular, and fruit machines have a great legacy in the casino world. However, few slot themes are as magical as fairytale-themed slots.

Over the years, several developers have launched slots with fairytale and nursery rhyme themes, but they have only really come into their element of late. has recently decided to explore the genre, recommending the very best of them to their readers. This makes the popular slot review site an invaluable resource for any player wishing to try their hand at fairytale-themed casino games.

The Magic of Fairytale-Themed Slots

As you might have gathered, Fairytale slots come in all shapes and sizes. Some are based on well-known fairy tales which have since become major animated films from the likes of Disney. Others are more true to their original authors’ visions, such as the Grimm Brothers. Some aren’t even true fairy tales at all but are themed on nursery rhymes. Even so, they are all grouped under the fairytale-themed slot banner.

As you can imagine, most are colourful and feature child-friendly graphics and imagery, if only a child could gamble online. Many offer bubbly features, are cheap to play, and some even come with progressive jackpots. The fairytale-themed slot genre encompasses more variety and is more diverse than possibly any other slot genre.


Fantastical and Wondrous Bonuses

While most slots come with wilds, scatter and free spins, it is the instant win and randomly triggered bonuses in fairytale-themed slots which impress slot players the most. They are where the level of diversity is most clearly visible.

For instance, if you were playing a slot which is themed on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, you might get to select a dwarf or a minecart to win a cash prize. In a Rapunzel-themed slot, you may climb a tower to win cash prizes. In many slots featuring fairy godmothers, the character will often dart across the reels turning symbols into wilds with her magic wand. The very nature of these magical slots implies that fantastical and wondrous bonuses are virtually guaranteed.

Let the Magic Begin with Tunf

Tunf has been tirelessly working to catalogue and showcase the very best of them to their readers. Games such as Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror lead the way in the genre, and Tunf has made many of them playable as free demos. Any player hoping to step into the magical land of fairytale-themed slots would do well to start by checking out this notable slot review site and exploring their collection of the internet’s most popular and exciting fairy tale slots today.